Why She Wrote “Reach Your True Potential”

How to Overcome Self-Defeating Behavior, by Sheri O. Zampelli, Day 1.

Sheri wrote this book from her own experiences, growing up in a dysfunctional home where sexual, physical, and emotional abuse were part of life.  She and her family moved on a regular basis and she never formed a long-term friendship.  They had very little money.  In hopelessness and despair, she turned to drugs and drinking.  Her powerlessness turned inward and she felt like a failure.  By the time she was 17, she was shooting heroin on a daily basis.

Being loaded led to a variety of poor choices.  She dropped out of high school and moved out at 16.  She eventually became homeless, and at the age of 18, began attending twelve-step meetings.  She finally got clean 3 years later, but not until she failed at two recovery programs and attempted suicide.

Quitting drugs helped her but didn’t solve her problems.  The two main reasons she used drugs were to stay thin and avoid her painful feelings.  Once she quit drugs, the feelings and the weight were back.  She became a compulsive, out-of-control binge eater.

Staying clean reawakened her dreams and desires.  She’d always wanted a college education, but her self-worth was so low, she doubted that she could ever succeed.  The first semester of school seemed too easy.  She liked the A’s she was getting, but didn’t feel she deserved them, so she started sabotaging her efforts, forcing her grades to spiral downward and causing her to fail classes.

She started to read books about self-sabotage and they only made her feel worse, as they pointed out the reasons people self-sabotage but the books never explained what to do about it, what actions or steps to take to improve.

She searched desperately for help and eventually tried a nondiet weight loss plan developed by Dr. Nancy Bonus.  Nancy was the first person to tell Sheri that her beliefs were creating her reality, and that if she wanted to change the outside, she had to start with the inside.  She started using positive affirmations to deal with her weight and body image issues and the results were spectacular.  So, she started using affirmations in other areas of her life, as well.

She began facilitating workshops and then decided to write a book that would address overcoming self-sabotage.

“You can increase your level of self-esteem and learn to look at old situations in new, empowering ways.”

She says, “I still have a background of abuse, pain, and insecurity, but I’m not letting that hold me back anymore.  I can’t change the past, but I can change today and tomorrow.  You can, too.  I hope to see you on the road to success.”

This book is filled with many techniques and worksheets that are user-friendly and are meant to be acted upon to improve your life.  If you think you’d like to improve your life and stop sabotaging yourself, try this book on for size.  If you want, let us know if it helps you.  Let us know how it helps you. 

Tomorrow:  Chapter 1 – Sabotage Versus Success.

Yes, I’m back.  I figured I could make time for my reading and blogging, along with my other ongoing creative project, so here I am, ready to work through this book.  Won’t you join me?  I look forward to hanging out with you.

See ya tomorrow!  Make it an awesome Friday Eve!!  Love ya!  😉



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