Building Eternal Bridges

Been away for a while.  Feeling a bit lost, dazed and confused, which is not really different from any other day, to be honest.  I’m back to try and finish this book, One Month to Live, which leads us to today, Day 25, and the plan is to finish the book with April 22, which will be Day 30.  After that, who knows?  Not sure what’s next.  Just sort of flying by the seat of my pants right now.  😉

OML Day 25:  Sticks and Stones – Using Eternal Building Materials

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.  –Henry David Thoreau

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.  –Jim Elliot

We are eternal beings.  We are created by God to live an earth-bound existence, to try and get it right, to fix our lives to live as Jesus did (not saying to die for others, as that’s already been done and is not requested of us to do again).  It means to love others as Jesus did.  To share our lives with others, to love everyone like family, even those who are seemingly impossible to like, much less love.  And this doesn’t mean we have to like them.  You can love your brother without liking him or his lifestyle. 

To forgive ourselves, as well as others.  We are to lend ourselves to helping others whenever we see an opportunity.  We are to build bridges, connecting ourselves to the lives of others:  our family, our friends, co-workers, people in our community, our church, that stranger you just passed on the street.  Then, our lives continue in eternity, which is another of our choosing:  Heaven or Hell, depending on how you live. 

It’s an old thing, I know, but when you ask yourself WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) and you actually do that thing, you are doing part of what God wants from you.  You are fulfilling part of his purpose.  Oh, he has many purposes for our lives. 

In my life, I feel lost pretty much the majority of the time, but I do know a few things about my purpose.  I am meant to better myself and improve on my parenting skills daily and do my utmost at parenting my wonderful daughter, so she can be the best person she can.  I am to try to live as an example for her.  I’m not a great one, believe me, but I’m trying to be a better parent, a better person and I struggle with it daily.  And not just pray, but let go of the worry-thing, which means to have complete faith.  This can take years of practice before you finally excel in this arena.  I spent years in nightmares and sleepless nights.  I’m an expert in the worrying department.  But one day, I realized God has our backs, and it’s a matter of “letting go and letting God.”  It’s not the easiest thing in the world, believe me.  But once you learn to do this, it is a simpler way to live your life.  Oh, I’m not worry free.  I have other areas in my life I worry about, but I do have enough faith when it comes to God keeping my loved ones safe.

If we want to leave a legacy, it’s not about our stuff.  All those prized possessions wind up in antique stores, the money gets spent, and our land gets sold to strangers, so try not to focus so much on those physical family heirlooms, or your acreage or a home you might pass down.  All these things wither and die and will be long since forgotten.  You pass certain traits on to your offspring, your other family members, friends, absolutely everyone you ever meet in your life, if you want to get right down to it.  What traits do you want to pass on to others?  You have a choice.

To leave a legacy, to know that we mattered, is determined by how we spend our lives, each day, how we live. 

Those three key building materials building that bridge to lead others to a significant destination, are your convictions (what you stand for–your core values that remain rock solid in a shaky world), your character (who we truly are on the inside underneath all the masks), and community (how we treat, help and relate to others).  Those parts of you can live forever.

Homework:  Number from one to five.  List character traits you’d like to be remembered for after you’ve left this life.  How have you seen God cultivate these in your life?  Which ones does he seem to be concentrating on right now?

Make it a stellar Sunday, won’t you?  Do something fun with your family.  Make some memories.  That’s our plan for today.  Love ya!  *hug*



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