Sowing Seeds

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.  –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today, we are reviewing Day 24 of OML (One Month to Live), which is Seeds:  Planting For The Future.

Every second we breathe, with every action we take and with every day we live, we are planting something.  What are you planting?  You could be planting seeds of faith and compassion, or you could be planting seeds of selfishness and anger.  If you want your seeds to sprout into new life, spend your time wisely and carefully watch out for those seeds you are planting, because they will produce for generations to come.  You make a more significant impact than you know.  Not just for people that surround you daily, but mostly, your children and their children and throughout future generations.

When you come home after a long hard day and you are stressed to the max and just on the verge of losing it, do you lash out at your loved ones?  Do your children come to you asking for help with their homework, or want to ask you this or that, and you shout at them or ask them to go away, or “not now,” or are you still loving toward them, no matter what kind of day you’ve had?  Are you forgiving?  Compassionate?  Do you serve others with your time and/or money?  We teach by example and our kids see and hear everything we do and don’t do.  They want to be like us, so shouldn’t we be better us’?  Wow, this really makes me think.

It doesn’t matter how large your bank account is, nor your major achievements, nor any outward appearance you can show to others to impress them.  These are people who don’t really know you and don’t really care about you.  When you die, all that stuff is gone and no one will care about those things. 

The seeds you are planting now may not matter too much to you, but they will be here for your children and generations to come.  Don’t you want to plant a lasting legacy and to be remembered by the love and faith and compassion you’ve sewn with those seeds?  If we invest in other people’s lives, our legacy becomes like a giant oak, giving life for generations to come.

Make it Count Moment:  “What did you do this last week that will last for the rest of this year?  for ten years?  for eternity?  How much time did you spend this week reading God’s Word compared to the time you spent reading the newspaper or watching television?”

Just remember, we reap much more than we sow.  What we give out, we get back times ten.  You make the choice what you send out into the world, into people.  When you have the seeds of God’s truth and you plant them deeply into the lives of others, this yields an impact that’s felt for generations.  “A bushel of blessing comes from a tiny seed of faith.”

I pray your day has brought you many blessings and you plant seeds for blessings with others in your life, even in the strangers that you meet every day.  What will you do to make God smile tomorrow?  Think about it.  Love you guys.  *hug*



About Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.
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