Miracles Every Single Day

Hard day yesterday.  Stressing a bit.  A little depressed.  Lack of patience and faith, I guess.  Oh, I know God has a plan for my life and my future; I suppose I was just having one of those off days.  Tried to start my post and could not stay focused, so trying again today.  I’ll try to do better today.  Chin up, right?My Blog Block

Today, I’ll be posting twice and this first one is for yesterday:  OML Day 22:  Road Signs – Experiencing a Personal Miracle.

Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God.  –William Carey

Miracles are much more common than we think.  I’ve experienced miracles in my own life.  You can read about some of them from my January posts.  Have you experienced a miracle?  Or did you explain it away, because your mind would not accept that it was from God?

Now, the authors explain steps you can take to experience miracles: 

  1. admit your need for God’s help;
  2. going to God as the only one who can lead you in the right direction;
  3. stop and assess what we have to work with – where are we and what do we have that God can use?; 
  4. we must turn from having a negative perspective to a positive one – we must believe he’s going to take care of it, no matter what else we think (had trouble with this one yesterday) & this requires faith, which ignites hope (focus on him instead of our limitations);
  5. Serve others with the blessings he’s already given us if we are to expect more blessings from him; pour your life into helping others (at work, your family, your neighborhood, your church, your children); let your life be a blessing to others.

While these steps, I believe, would, indeed, inspire God to bless you with more of what you need, as well as please him greatly, as we are instructed to do all of these things, I do not believe we receive miracles by only going through those steps. 

I mean, I didn’t.  I’m sure I experienced many miracles during the first 12 years of my life, or I probably wouldn’t even be alive.  However, my first recollection of a miracle occurring in my life was at 12 when I questioned God’s existence.  I needed my friend to be safe and I needed to believe in God.  God answered and miracles happened all over the place!  All I did was pray and “try” to believe, and have patience, as I had no choice but to be patient. 

When I was 18, my heart was broken into a million pieces and I prayed for death.  God produced miracles right there in my room and let me know I was loved and needed and let me know things were going to be ok.

My life-long prayer was answered, after 29 years of praying for a child.  At 31, I had the daughter I’d always wanted – my most important life mission – raising a strong, loving, compassionate, intelligent, wonderful human being. 

Pre-Hallie, I was traveling down such a dark path and there was no joy in my life.  I believe God sent her to save me.  To save me from death and to save me from myself.  We all need to find that one thing that changes us forever.  Your life’s passion.  She’s not all I live for, as I am more aware of many other wonderful people and things in life that bring me bliss, so she’s not my only purpose, but she’s my main purpose.  I knew one thing about my life since I was 2 and that was that I knew I had to be a mother.  I was never planning to marry.  I planned to adopt a child when I turned 35 and that would be my family.  Love is blind and I did marry and had the child of my dreams. 

Then divorce (which can actually be a blessing), and continuing to raise and witness a miracle:  Life is a miracle, and growth.  Every day, Hallie is a miracle to me.  She changes how I see every person on the planet. 

There is hope for humans.  People can change, can better themselves, and we each have the capacity, ability and potential for absolute greatness.  It’s so wonderful to be alive and to know that truth.

Today is the last day to participate in the poll, below.  Please take 5 seconds and mark your choice.  The choice for the next book study will be announced this evening.  Make it a fabuloso Friday.  May you receive your most important answered prayers and expect to witness miracles.  Love ya!  *hug*



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