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Getting up at 2:00 a.m. is not really my idea of fun, unless, of course, Hallie, Mama and I are going on a fun road trip through the mountains.  Yesterday was not such a day. 

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My dear friend, Leslie A., made this. She's very creative, isn't she?

Hallie and I were preparing for our road trip to the Junior Beta Club Convention in Tupelo, Mississippi, for which we had to check in at school at 3:45 a.m. and leave at 4.  Well, the 2 charter buses were supposed to leave at 4:00, which, of course, didn’t. 

Part of the day was enjoyable.  They rocked the house during SongFest, although they didn’t win.  Well, they are all winners in my book, no matter whether they earn a prize, or not.  Most of the day was spent escorting kids to the bathroom and hauling them to get snacks.  Back and forth, back and forth, ALL DAY LONG.  Lack of coffee sent me into a headache that would last for the better part of the day.  I had one cup at home and didn’t have time for anymore.  All the screaming and hollaring during the talent part of the competition didn’t help.  Four hours in transit to get there, four hours back.  Didn’t leave on time to come back home, either, so when we finally did get home, it was 11:00. 

Can’t hang with the big dogs, anymore, I guess.  Does that mean I’m old now?  *sniff*  I remember surviving on 4 hours sleep every night when I was in college.  School full-time, plus 2 jobs, plus an apartment, plus studying and homework and I did it all!  How?  If I had a roommate, I probably would not have made it.  Nice to have silence when you have a paper due.

Still, there were fun parts to the competition and watching the kids enjoy themselves.  We were all bored part of the time, but we all had some laughs and I just love that Hallie still likes having me around.  Wonder how long that’s gonna last?  I like hanging out with her and her friends and we all enjoy each other’s company.  Kids are cool, the majority of the time.  Mostly, I love that they don’t hold back.  They just spill out whatever’s on their mind and, usually, it’s pretty hilarious.

Had to let Hallie get a tardy slip today, because I’m not sending my baby (ok, she’s 11, yes, but still my baby, and she’ll still be my baby when she’s 30) to school or anywhere, without at least 8 hours of sleep, although she needs more.  Many people do not realize kids need more sleep than adults, due to the increased rate their body is growing and changing.  I want my kid to be healthy, happy and have lots of energy, so sleep is important.

And thank you, Mama, for coming over and taking care of our fur-babies while we were gone all day and night.  We appreciate you and so do they.  😉  Love you, Mama.

I’ll probably post two chapters for one day this week, just to get caught up.  I’m trying to figure out what books to choose from for the next one.  Any ideas?  Any subjects you’d like to learn more about?  Something you need help with?  Need to understand something better?  Where are you lacking?  What would you like to do better in your life?  Let me know and perhaps that will help decide the next book.

I’ll post again later today, perhaps in a little while.  Gonna clean and organize a bit.  Make it an amazing, joy-filled Tuesday.  How will you make God smile today?  Love ya!  *hug*



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