Second Chances

It is never too late to be what you might have been. –George Eliot

At times, do you feel powerless in your life?  Do you give up even trying to change because you feel so powerless against all the circumstances in your life?  A bad habit you feel powerless to break?  You try and you try, and, still, everything falls apart?  Your job draining your energy and creativity?  No solution in sight?  Maybe your schedule is so overloaded, you are overwhelmed and burned out.  Your emotional batteries, drained, and all mental energy, evaporated.  At times, we all feel powerless.  If we each realized we had the same limitless power available to us each and every day, what would we do with it?  A better question is what could we not do? 

Today, we are studying OML Day 8 – Kick Start:  Living Life Full Throttle.

Sometimes, we all feel like we’ve been pushing a motocross bike around a rugged track.  With a powerful engine, all we have to do is kick-start that sucker and tap into God’s power for our lives.

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My dear friend, Leslie A., made this. She's very creative, isn't she?

Feel like you can no longer be used by God?  Wrong!  We all crash and burn or get off the track.  Sometimes, we hit rock bottom!  That’s life.  That’s human nature.  It’s just the way it is.  But we can pick ourselves up, get back on the right track, ask forgiveness, forgive ourselves and live the rest of our lives to the fullest, with a heart full of gladness, love and motivation.  He never gives up on us.  Not only does he want us to have faith in him, but he always has faith in us.  Isn’t that cool?  Think about it.  Your spouse may give up on you.  Your boss.  Your friends.  Your entire family.  God never gives up on you.  Failure is never final.  We are always given another chance, no matter what.  Not only does he want you to believe in him; he wants you to believe and trust in yourself, as well.  Never give up the fight.  Don’t give up on yourself.  He thinks you’re awesome.  He’s your biggest fan.  Even when everyone is telling you that you can’t do this thing, he’s saying you can.  Admit your failures.  Take responsibility for them, so you can learn from them.  You will never be successful if you refuse to admit your mistakes.  But if you confess to God and turn away from your mistakes, you get another chance.  

You must also let it go.  God has already let it go once you asked forgiveness.  So, forgive yourself, let go of the guilt and shame and start fresh.  You can learn from mistakes without letting them weigh you down with guilt and shame.  You’ll never get anywhere if you are weighed down by all that stuff.  Let it go.  You are never so far off the track that you can’t get back on.  Ask God to guide you if you don’t know how to get back on.  He wants to help you.

When you ask forgiveness and make an effort to change and do better, they (God & Jesus) believe in you, forgive totally and cheer you on in the rest of your race that is your life.   

We will fail miserably time and time again with our attempts to change if we’re only doing it for ourselves, by ourselves.  Tap into God’s energy.  Power up!  He’s ready to get you fully charged!

Try to answer the 3 questions under Make it Last for Life on pages 60 & 61.  Share some of your answers with us, if you like.  I’m eager to hear from more of you guys.  Thanks to those of you that had a couple of things to share.  I can totally relate.  Been there and I still feel that way sometimes.  It’s a struggle at times, but I know that together, as we are friends and love each other, and cheer each other on, we also have God and his power and love and he’s cheering louder than everybody.  Together, we can do this.  We can be awesome.  We will be.  Each one of us has limitless potential.  Can you feel it?

What a fun Spring Break!  Hallie and I have planned activities for every day this week.  We’ve had a slumber party with junk food, and movies.  We’ve painted.  We’ve had a picnic, set up a beach blanket and her “fort”, which is a teepee.  The fur-babies have been enjoying it, too.  We’ve played all sorts of ball games, frisbee, and badminton.  She’s also been helping me in the yard and getting the fire pit ready to roast hotdogs and marshmallows, for which we enjoyed very much this evening.  Mama came over and enjoyed, too.  She’s been feeling a bit under the weather the last couple of weeks, so she’s not getting outside too much.  Poor, sweet Mama.  Being laid off has actually been a blessing this week, as I’ve enjoyed spending more quality time with my two favorite people.  I trust you are making it an awesome week, as well.  I hope you have had a wonderful Friday Eve.  Looking forward to Friday?  May it be a blessed one.  Love you!  *big squishy hug*



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