You don’t have a soul.  You are a Soul.  You have a body.  – C. S. Lewis

You formed us for yourself, and our hearts are restless till they find rest in you.  – Saint Augustine

When the electricity goes out, and we are fumbling around in the dark in search of a flashlight or candles, we realize just how dependent we are on power.  To live with purpose (what we were created for), we also are dependent on power.  In order to make changes in our lives and better ourselves, we need power.  We can’t succeed with just our own willpower.  Not just our will, but God’s power, God’s will.  To reach, as well as sustain any goal with success, we must FROG out, or be FROGs.  That is, Fully Rely On God.  😉  Trust him, and his power will never leave us in the dark.  Do you know what it means to trust?  To believe?  And to have faith?  It’s KNOWING he will take care of you. 

Being connected to that higher source of power – ah!  What a relief to know I don’t have to do it all myself!  To have a helping hand makes all the difference.  We have to be brave enough to admit to ourselves we cannot do it alone; we need help. 

Nothing is wrong with asking for help.  I’m talking to me, too.  I’ve always had a problem with asking for help – from God, from people.  I’ve always been somewhat of a loner.  I have a great many friends, but don’t completely open up and let them in.  I prefer to hold things inside and try to bury certain things.  Having faith in God has changed much of that and is still in the process of working on me.  I hope you are allowing him to work on you.  It’s the only way you can be the best self you can be.  Holding his hand.  Walking with him.  Talking with him, as if he’s your dad or best friend, because, well – he is.  He loves you more than you could possibly imagine; a deeper, more full, complete love than any love you could fathom. 

No matter how you may feel about him, he adores you.  He may get a little disappointed and frustrated with us at times, as any father would, but he does not punish.  We punish ourselves or we get caught for wrong-doing, but he is always there, loving us, and wants to do more, but we have to allow him.  It’s a choice we make:  to let God in or keep him at a distance.  Some push him very far away, out of the picture.  That used to be me.  He kept showing up, though.  He wouldn’t leave me alone, so I gave up the push, threw up my arms and wrapped them around him instead – around his love and all he has planned for my life and that of my family.  I just surrendered.  I learned what it meant to trust, at least, trust him and trust Jesus. 

Can’t say I’m swift at trusting.  Takes me a while.  I’m much more talented at keeping everyone at a distance.  Safer that way.  True faith makes a world of difference in your life and changes so stinkin’ much about every aspect of how you live.  I used to have nightmares every single night.  My biggest dream was to have a daughter.  Before she came along, I’d never felt I had anything good in my life or about my life.  I always felt punished and unloved; unloveable.  When she blessed my life, all I could think of was that she’d be taken away from me, because I didn’t deserve her.  All of my happiness, gone.  When I finally let go and let God take the wheel, everything about my life changed.  No more nightmares.  No more fear.  No more paranoia.  Just gone. 

I strongly encourage you to let him do the driving in your life.  Learn to trust and what it means to have true faith.  It doesn’t mean he’s going to hand everything to you on a silver platter.  You still have to show up for your life and take action.  The difference is that whatever you do or try to do to better your life, he promises to meet you halfway.  Are you strong enough to meet him halfway?  Be a FROG.

And another thing, when you talk to him, you don’t have to do it out loud.  You don’t have to be formal.  He hears your thoughts and feels your feelings.  You can think a prayer, feel a prayer, and better yet, talk to him as if he’s your dad or best friend.  You are supposed to feel comfortable when speaking with him.  He is so hungry to hear from you.  We should all be hungry to visit with him.  And you can talk to him all throughout your day.  A constant conversation is more helpful than just saying your prayers once a day.  A constant conversation is as simple as just acknowledging and being aware of his constant presence with you.

Today, we are reviewing OML Day 4:  Power Surge – Connecting With the Ultimate Source.

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My dear friend, Leslie A., made this. She's very creative, isn't she?

Go out there and make it the most wonderful, most restful, joy-filled Sunday.  Let me know your thoughts on this book, thus far.  Have you made any changes?  Are you putting forth the effort to change anything?  How has this book affected you?  Love you guys!  *hug*



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