How Are You Living The Dash?

The dash, which is your life span between birth to death (1968 – ___) is only a speck – a millisecond when compared to our lives in eternity.  That dash is your life; the time you have been gifted to be on this planet.  What have you done, so far, within that dash?  Have you reached some goals you’ve always wanted to accomplish?  Dreams you’ve had, but never been bold or courageous enough to take a risk or even try to work toward?  Have you overcome those obstacles that have held you back for whatever reason, be it fear, lack of funds or inability to find that motivation?  Well, I believe, with this book, we can, together, totally reach those seemingly out-of-reach goals.  We can overcome any barrier, any obstacle, if we make the choice to live our lives fully.  I believe in you.  And I believe in me.  I know we can do anything and be anything that we choose to be.  Choose.  Then, take those necessary steps and actions to get there.  We begin today.

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My dear friend, Leslie A., made this. She's very creative, isn't she?

I have reached a few of my most important goals, but I have sooooo many more to accomplish that are important to me.  A few of my dreams have come true:  the daughter I’ve wanted since I was 2, I finally received at 31 and what a wonderful reality she is.  She is my biggest dream.  Hallie and Mama are my mashed potatoes.  Everything else good in life is gravy to me.  I don’t need the gravy, but it’s nice sometimes and I appreciate . . . the gravy.  😉 

I started and ran my own freelance business in the legal field for a few years, which was another goal (and dream, I suppose) I wanted for my life, but alas, the bottom dropped out of the economy, I was offered a real, full-time job and grabbed it while the grabbing was good, while I watched in despair as tons of others were laid off — which brings us to my current position — being laid off. 

I have another dream and I’m praying like a madwoman and putting forth some effort to get there.  If it’s meant to be, it will be, and if not?  Well, we’ll see.  I’ll keep you posted.

Ah!  A breath of fresh air – that first chapter of One Month To Live – Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life.  Loved it!  Inspiring.  Makes me want to go out and make a difference – a difference in my life and how I’m living, and in my relationships with others I love.

Welcome to Day 1 of OML (One Month to Live).  We’ll go through the book(s) over the span of 30 days, which is how the book is set up and so appropriately named.

Imagine this scenario:

You walk into the doctor’s office after several days worth of testing.  “Won’t you take a seat?” he asks.  Your heart is beating so hard, you can hear it ringing in your ears and feel as if it’s going to beat right out of your chest.  You hear those words, “You have cancer and you don’t have much time left.”

“How long?” you ask.

“Maybe a month.”

When you hear words like these, what emotions are stirring inside you?  Fear?  Denial?  Sorrow?  Anger?  What else?  After you get past the initial shock of knowing what the present means, how do you begin to focus on your future?  The rest of your life?  One month?  These are the questions we need answers to.  I believe that we’d live our lives fully, without reservation.  We’d say what we felt, and did what our hearts told us to.  We’d love with passion and zest and there would be no doubt in the other person’s mind our love for them.  We’d live with purpose.  Perhaps we’d try to right some wrongs.  Forgive someone who needed forgiving long ago? 

Yeah, I need to do some of that, myself.  Three people quickly come to mind and they’ve lived there for years, tucked away safely in the back of my mind, waiting . . .  Waiting for what?!  For maybe someday?  Someday when I have enough nerve?  The courage and freedom from pride enough to let my guard down long enough to forgive them?  Honestly, I don’t expect anything in return.  I don’t expect to be forgiven for holding a grudge or wronging them in some way.  What is it I’m afraid of besides lack of nerve, lack of courage, too much pride, too much fear of letting my guard down?  Or perhaps those are all the reasons.  What am I going to do about it?  I have a month to live.

Can you try to live your life as though you only have a month longer to live?  What would you do with that one month?  Throw caution to the wind and take the risk you’ve always wanted to but never had the nerve, until now?  I’m not saying go and quit your job and follow your dreams.  That would just be irresponsible, unless of course you can afford to do that and still get the bills paid.  If you can’t afford it, then try to take those risks after hours or on the weekends, while still showing up for work.  😉

Would you forget all about you and spend more time with those people you love?  Would you make sure you never missed a ballgame or recital or school event?  Would you do everything in your power to spend every waking moment making sure those you love have everything they need, letting them know how much you love and appreciate them?  Would you belly laugh every day and find all the fun in life that you could, while you could?  Would you stop worrying about every little thing?  Finally take that much-needed vacation with your family or the honeymoon you put off?  How would you serve yourself?  How would you serve others?  Would you find that deeper connection with God? 

I’m curious.  How did you relate to the first chapter?  Did you have a profound reaction?  Are you willing to take this challenge?  Start living your life as if you just found out you had a month to live.  This book (along with the guidebook and the devotional journal, if you choose to use those) is filled with features to inspire your 30-day life experiment.

The most important thing you can receive from this book is realizing what means the most to you and your life and what you want to experience.  What do you want from this life?  What’s keeping you from the life you want?  Go get it!  Start now.  I’ll do this with you.

Make the most out of this most auspicious Friday Eve.  Happy Thursday to you and to those you love.  Sorry this post is so long, but it feels so great to feel inspired.  Now, I’m off to organize my office like there is no tomorrow!  Love ya!  *squishy hug*



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