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My dear friend, Leslie A., made this. She's very creative, isn't she?

Part 3 – The Power of the Key Principles (includes Chapters 10 thru 13 and the Conclusion). YES! One Month to Live begins in two more days! Wooo-hooo! Looking sooo forward to that inspiration, and I’m already pumped, as I’ve read the first chapter of that book and I can tell it’s gonna be awesome.

GTD Day 24 and Chapter 11 is The Power of the Collection Habit and I’ll try to make it short, as I (like you, I’m sure) am completely tired and uninspired, by this quagmire. So on with it! Let’s get through this schlep of a book. I’m schlepping. Are you schlepping? Fun word, that schlepping.

When you have climbed and sweated and finally schlepped (there’s that fun word again) to the top of that mountain, while just ahead in the distance, the entire sky is lit up by the burning persimmon sun setting on the horizon of all your many arduous tasks of collection, processing, organizing, reviewing and doing, and you’ve become empowered by your newfound efficiency and methodicalness (is that a word?), other people are going to take notice and they’ll trust you more (both personally and professionally) with stuff, because you are not letting anything fall through those little cracks of forgetfulness and chaos and the abyss that once was (like my office). 😉 I’m actually getting better. Not reaching that mountain top quite yet, but I’m struggling (See? I gave you a break from “schlepping”) upward.

Going through that process of collecting all our stuff, we may feel panic, frustration and fatigue, while at the same time experiencing a bit of release, relief and control. Have you felt this? I have. There are personal benefits of going through these totally opposite emotional states. In the beginning, the feelings of regret and disappointment in ourselves have taken over, through our collection of all that junk, because, ultimately, we have broken agreements with ourselves. But as we process the stuff and go through it all, we empty ourselves of these kinds of negativity (as well as all the physical and mental junk) and refill ourselves with accomplishment and competence. Do you think it’s worth it to put ourselves through all that agony? I think it is. I want to work through the struggle, reach the top of that mountain, finally have both feet level on the ground and experience that beautiful sunset of what it means to be organized.

If you wish to prevent broken agreements with yourself, and in turn, prevent those negative emotions, you can make a decision to do one of three things:

  1. Don’t make the agreement = Learn to say no;
  2. Complete the agreement = As Nike would say, “Just Do It”; or
  3. Renegotiate the agreement = Changing or postponing plans is not breaking an agreement. Change the plans and put it on your Someday/Maybe list or one of your other lists.

As far as depending on someone else to not let stuff fall through the cracks, they have to deal with things as they see fit. However, we can hold them accountable for keeping track of and managing our stuff that comes their way. With that said, you need to track where your stuff went, to whom and when. Don’t just hand it off, delegate and not keep track of your stuff and reminders to check on things.

Whew! That’s all folks. I’m posting late again. Didn’t get up as early as I should have, been gone most of the day, and the rain and storms have made me completely lethargic. Think I’ll go to bed at 7:30! I wonder if Hallie will let me? She’s pretty tired, herself. G’nite! God speed. Sleep tight. Sweet dreams. Love you! *big squishy hug*



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