GTD Day 14 – Are We There, Yet???!!

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My dear friend, Leslie A., made this. She's very creative, isn't she?

The rest of Chapter 6 –

When you come across what should be reference material that you will need later, go ahead and file it.  Have you noticed that a lot of the stuff we’ve gone over, we’ve gone over before in earlier chapters?  I think Mr. Allen has some good ideas.  I just think that this book is lonnnng and drawn out and it could have just been shortened to be half as long.  Don’t you?  I mean, a step-by-step procedure is all that’s needed.  First, he tells you ‘in short’ about what you’ll be doing, then later, tells you in step-by-step procedures and makes you wait on certain things, till the next chapter.  No sense in that.  Just do everything in order, each process, then on to the next.  Anyway . . . we were talking about reference.

Now, he recommends filing reference immediately, instead of letting it stack up, since it should take less than 2 minutes to make a label, stick it on a file folder or binder and file the sucker.  Better than letting it sit in a stack of “to be filed.”  We made that mistake with our overflowing inbox, didn’t we?  I’m just not looking forward to the “pending” stack. 

Yesterday, I worked through an entire row of stacks of things and feel great about that.  Had other things to do during the day, and wish I could have accomplished more, but I did a lot, so it feels good.  I have about 5 more rows of stacks to work through. 

My home office is kind of spacious and I pretty much used it for a junk room, allowing more stuff in than what belongs there, such as broken items that needed fixing, clothes that needed mending, as not only is my office an office; it’s also a crafts room.  It has many functions.  It’s where I keep my sewing machine, so I have a sewing area, a crafts area, a homeschooling and homework area, bookcases, my filing cabinets, my desk, another couple of tables, one of which is a fabric covered door I laid over my filing cabinets to utilize that space.

When deciding the next action for a particular item, it’s good to view the sample list on pages 129 and 130.  It explains the process of helping you decide what and how to make the decision about the next action.  The next action has to be a “physical, visible activity.”

If you can complete the action in 2 minutes or less, do it.  Get it done.  If you have more time on your hands, then go for longer.  The 2 minutes is a general rule and helps you get more done in less time, especially if you don’t have a lot of time.  The idea here is to not spend a lot of time on each item before going on to the next.  If doing the 2 minute action doesn’t complete it, then make the decision about the next action:  do, delegate or defer.

No need to go over ‘delegate’ again, right?  I mean, y’all get that, right?  It’s explained in detail on pages 133-135.  That said, do track the item that you handed off to someone else.  You don’t want it to get lost or fall between the cracks.  Gotta see it through, right?  

Defer it – Start with the Post-its or stickies or paperclipped notes and place in your pending stack.

Pending stuff in your pending stack – made up of all the items you’ve delegated or deferred and they need to be tracked to be done soon, someday or on a specific date – and reminders of stuff you are waiting on from someone else, and Mr. Allen claims he will go over the specifics of organizing a personal system of dealing with all this mess in the NEXT CHAPTER!

Don’t forget to start that Projects list – the action step or steps that need to be completed to finish the project and reminders of the actions that are pending if they are undone.  You need placeholders for all your open loops if you want to get them done.  Keep maintaining and reviewing your list to see “where you are and where you want to be.”

Tomorrow, Chapter 7 – Organizing:  Setting Up the Right Buckets.  This will be a long one (42 page chapter) = 5 days.  However, we will finish this book on Day 26, which will be March 10th, so not even 30 days with this book.  Yea!  I’m sure once I’ve completed the book, maybe I’ll like it better?  I think it’s just been REALLY slow and I’m just ready to get it over with, attack my stuff, get it all put away, organized, reminders fixed and ready, lists . . . listed and get on with it.  I’m ready for the next book – an inspiring book.  Ah!  Looking forward to that one.

Make it a fabulous Saturday!!!  We are!  😉  Love ya!  *hug*



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