PDL Day 16 – What Matters Most

When you were little, did you learn The Golden Rule?  “Treat others the way you wish to be treated.”  God’s main rule and his whole existence can be based on one word – love.  He is so much more than that but he is mainly love.  He has given us all that we have in our lives and on this earth out of love for us.  He gives us our ticket into heaven out of love.  He is love and the most important verb on the planet is love.  When you love others as you should love yourself, you are most like God and pleasing to him.

Learning to love unselfishly is not an easy thing.  We are self-centered people.  I know this one all too well.  I’ve spent the last 42 years pulling away from people, pushing them out of my life, staying in my little safe self-centered world.  Scared of people.  Scared to let them in.  Oh, I’ve helped many.  Even strangers.  But how many opportunities did I pass up every single day to help someone when I could have?  Plenty.  These days, many of us are scared to help anyone, scared to love.  This is also me.  People will take advantage of you.  We should help them anyway.  We should love them anyway.  We were put here to love.  This is what this life is all about.  Love.

“Love cannot be learned in isolation.  You have to be around people — irritating, imperfect, frustrating people.  Through fellowship we learn three important truths.”

The Best Use of Life is Love

Relationships are not just what we make time for to be part of our lives.  They are what life is all about.  Life really has no meaning without love.  “After learning to love God (worship), learning to love others is the second purpose of your life.”  We become so busy in our lives with work, work and more work, making that money, paying the bills, reaching those goals we set for ourselves.  Should loving our children and our spouses not be more important than these?  “The point of life is learning to love — God and people.”

“Love leaves a legacy.  How you treated other people, not your wealth or accomplishments, is the most enduring impact you can leave on earth.”  What will people say about you at your funeral?  Write your own eulogy.  Write what you think people will say at your funeral, about how you are living your life today.  The past falls away – leave your past behind you.  I’m talking about how you are living your life today.  If you died tomorrow, what would be said at your funeral?  What would your family say?  Your friends?  Your neighbors?  Co-workers?  Did you offer them your love?  Your time?  Did you give of yourself?  Did you serve others?  Or were you selfish?  I don’t know about you, but I think I’d like to change a few things before it’s too late.  After you (and me) write that eulogy, think about what you’d like to hear them say.  Think about it.  Write it down.  Those things you did like becoming rich so you could give your spouse and kids everything they wanted – was it worth it?  Did you give them your time?  Your love?  Your focused attention?  That is worth so much more than all the money and things you provided or try to provide.  The new eulogy – the one you’d like for people to say about you – it’s not too late to work on becoming that person.  “She was so loving and she gave of herself.  She gave up her last dime to help someone else if they needed it.  She was the best mother in the world.  Nobody could have loved better.  She was a stranger to no one.  If someone needed a hand, she was there.  Always helping, always loving, always giving.  I was a better person for having known her.”  Do you want to make that kind of difference?  That kind of impact on the lives of others?  Wow, I’d love for those things to be said about me.  Would they say them now?  I think I have some loving to do.  It’s not too late for me.  God is still working on me.  It’s not too late for you, either.  As long as we are alive – and we were only given this day – we have hope and we can change our lives and we can love others the way we want to be loved.  I’m going to work on those eulogies this week.  Morbid?  Maybe a little.  But how can you change if you don’t know what needs to be changed?  I think it’s a good exercise.

When we stand before God and answer for our lives, he will review how we treated others, “particularly those in need.”  “Jesus said the way to love him is to love his family and care for their practical needs:  “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.””

The Best Expression of Love is Time

“The greatest gift you can give someone is your time.”  Deep down, don’t we know this truth?  We provide for our family the best way we know how.  We work hard, we bring home the bacon, we clothe them, buy for them some of those things they wish for.  Are we at all their ball games?  Their recitals?  Are we there watching Saturday morning cartoons with them, making their favorite chocolate chip pancakes?  Are we belly laughing with them?  Listening to them when they tell us a story about their day?  Do we look deeply into their eyes, tell them we love them and make sure they get that we mean it?  Do we hold them close to our hearts when we hug them?  Telling them we love them is good, it’s great even.  Showing them we love them, with action, not words is of more importance.  Giving them our time and focus is love in action.  Loving/love – the most important word and verb on the planet.  We only have a little bit of that stuff – time.  We don’t get any of it back.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever, but it is remembered.  Are they going to remember you being there for them?  Being there with them?  Don’t let this day go by without showing them you love them.  You are not promised tomorrow.  Believe me, I totally get procrastination.  You can call me Miss Scahlet – “Oh, I’ll do it tomorra.”  If it can be put off till tomorrow, that would be me doing it.  I put off so much and I know I shouldn’t.  But there is one good thing about me – my daughter has no doubt how much she is loved and that I have her back, no matter what, even when she is being disciplined.  My mother knows how much I love her and how I’d do anything for her, no matter what.  They know they are my bestest friends in the world and there’s no other place I’d rather be than with them.

The Best Time to Love is Now

You only have today.  You can decide to love and give of your time today.  You don’t know for sure that you have tomorrow.  “Circumstances change.  People die.  Children grow up.”  Make some memories – some happy memories, for those you love.

Happy Tuesday!  I’m going to make some happy memories today!  I’m going to belly laugh with my kiddo.  I’m going to talk to my mom and stop by and hug her.  I’m going to be productive and helpful at work and leave at 5:00 to go be with my family.  Make it an awesome, happy memory-filled day.  How will you make God smile today?  😉

Love you!  *hug*


About Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.
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