Some personal thoughts this morning

Have my posts and/or my interpretation of Mr. Warren’s book and/or my views on God changed your thoughts at all on how you see God?  On how you relate to God?  On how you relate to life?  I am not doing this blog to necessarily try to change how you see things or persuade you to believe in a different way. 

This blog is simply about the book I’m reading and studying at the time and how I view what the author is saying and how I relate – how my life has been or is being touched or changed due to the particular book or subject I am studying. 

It’s a good thing when you are relating or being affected by something you read – to help you see things or understand things in a new way.  At the same time (and I tell Hallie this ALL the time), don’t believe in everything you read.  Don’t believe in everything someone tells you just because you think they know what they are talking about or they seem sincere, or for any other reason.  Think for yourself.  Always view things with your own independent mind.  Seek out the truth for yourself.  This is a great word – SEEK – a favorite word of a dear friend of mine.    😉

I want to know what you think about this book; also on your opinion of how I see things, how I relate, but I’m also interested in how you relate, how you see things.  Your insight and feelings on the subject might enlighten me and how I see things.

A friend of mine came up to me a couple of days ago, referring to my post from an earlier day on my questioning why Hallie was so open to God and to people, trusting, loving, forgiving and why she did not question God and mistrust people.  He helped me realize Hallie is being raised differently than I was.  Hallie has not had the same experiences with life.  (I did know this but still find it amazing that she’s so open to God and people.  She enlightens me with how she sees things.)  She’s been raised to love and honor and respect God – to learn who God and Jesus truly are and that they always have her back, no matter what.  When you can’t trust anyone else on the planet, you can totally trust God and Jesus. 

I didn’t always think this way.  For years, I trusted no one, even God and Jesus.  I was so wrong.  I could trust them, I just wouldn’t allow myself to.  Sometimes I think those are wasted years, but at the same time, I do believe what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I also believe that you can learn and grow and become wise from the mistakes you’ve made, if you allow yourself to.  I have learned that I should not have regrets.  I’m a better person today (not great, but better) because those mistakes changed me, they made me stronger, a little more patient, they made me grow, and without them, I wouldn’t be where I am, be who I am, doing what I’m doing and I think I’m doing ok.  Sure, I could be better and I’m working on that every single day.  I’m also forgiven for those mistakes and need to learn they are part of my history, but I don’t live there, dwelling in those mistakes.  I’ve learned and grown from them. 

When Hallie and I do our morning chats with God in the car on the way to school, we do this out loud, partly because I want her to learn how easy it is to talk to God, to count on God.  It’s ok to talk to him, and the things I think need to be said are (giving thanks) thanking him for Jesus, Hallie, Mama, our furbabies, friends and other family members we love, for our safety and protection, good health and all the tons of blessings he gives us every day, that sometimes we take for granted (a good job, a good school, a car that runs, a warm home, etc.). 

I ask forgiveness (and sometimes I’m specific, sometimes not). 

Then, I ask him for those things I feel I need or want, such as for all of us to have an awesome day, for good things to happen, for Hallie to ace that test, for Mama to not be too stressed at her workplace, for our work and school part of the day to go by quickly.  

Most of the time, I pray quietly, but Hallie and I also go over a list in the evenings on some nights.  The list has names and situations we care about that need God’s attention (we don’t do it every night, due to coming in late from basketball practice or Beta Club event, still have to feed all the creatures inside and out, get cleaned up and then we are wiped out and fall into the bed, sometimes not remembering our heads hitting our pillows).

I’m not saying this is ok.  It’s not ok.  I should make time for God, even in the evenings, even when we are so tired that we can barely keep our eyes open.  Yes, we prayed that morning and that’s good.  Still, not enough.  I see how many mistakes I make every day.  I am human.  I share because I’m simply drawn to.  I know there are people out there that need to know that God is real, he performs miracles every day, he listens, he answers prayers, he loves you.  I also share to let you know how human I am.  I’m not right about everything.  I’m wrong about most everything, but I see things from my point of view and I’m trying to express them.  If you think I’m wrong or blinded in how I see things, please enlighten me.  Let me know how you see things.  It might help me or someone else to view things even more differently.  Share your point of view.  If you don’t want your name given, I don’t have to share that information with anyone.

When we pray in the morning and Hallie doesn’t ask for forgiveness or say amen, I do not correct her.  I correct her on many things, but certain things are personally hers.  Everyone prays differently and they should.

Ok, I realize I need to zip my lips (or fingers, rather), and get on with the chapter.  I just wanted to share with you what I was thinking about.

I need to get ready for a game.  If I don’t get a chance to post re the chapter this morning, I’ll take care of it later today.

Make it a fabuloso Saturday!  Love ya!


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