PDL Day 9 – What Makes God Smile?

For what I’m about to say, you might think I’m silly.  “Oh, thank you, God, for coffee!!!”  I read this chapter and then I typed in the blog heading and chapter name.  Then, I realized I NEEDED that cup of coffee.  That fragrance beckoned me.  I needed that wake up juice!  I have little (crazy conversations) chats with God.  This is my imagination talking (or is it?)   😉  God says, “Coffee?”  I say, “Don’t mind if I do.  Thanks!”  Then, I chuckle to myself and talk to God in my head, telling him, “Aw, dude!  You totally rock for making coffee!  I love coffee.”  Silly, you might think?  Probably.  It’s silly to me and its probably silly to God and he chuckles.  God is not unlike us in his sense of humor.  We can be such silly creatures and that brings him joy.  For us to be joyful in what he created makes him smile.  What do I adore most about this life?  Let me tell you.

I love my kiddo.  My mom is pretty awesome.  Both of them grow in their daily life and it’s so pleasing for me to watch them.  It pleases me to see how I am changing every day, trying to better myself.  Do you see yourself grow?  Does it make you happy?  It should. 

I love our furbabies.  They can be a pill sometimes but they are so funny and sweet.  Even my killer cat (he’s tried to kill me a couple of times – this is another story) can be funny and sweet.  They all make us belly laugh. 

Chocolate.  That deserves a paragraph all its own.

Coffee, of course.  Can’t live without it.  Seriously. 

Living in Montana for a few years and even before I lived in the mountains, oh – how I love them!  I’ve always loved them.  Snow.  After living in Montana, I didn’t realize how much I had missed trees.  Oh sure, they have trees, but coming back to Mississippi reminded me how much I missed huge luscious green trees, shade trees, fruit trees – trees, trees everywhere!  I miss the clean, clear sparkly water of Montana and the sweet (yes, sweet), pine-filled fragrance of the air in Montana – love that clean air!  So many things I love about this life.  God loves that we enjoy it.  It makes him smile to see us love all these things – these things he created for our enjoyment.  Things that make us smile (apart from those sinful items) make God smile.  When we find joy – that gives him joy.  When we thank him, it makes him even more joyful.

Don’t just do it for you.  You’ve got to realize (like I needed to realize), it’s not all about you.  Okay, so I never really thought this 100% (never thought it was all about me 100%), but I’ve been pretty darn selfish in my life.  Certain things I’d done in my past were not for anyone but me.  I was acting foolishly or I was just plain stupid.  I thought of no one else but what I wanted, when I wanted it.  I had isolated myself for a time, from everyone that I felt love for.  I felt unloved as well as undeserving of love.  At the time, I was pretty undeserving.  I’ve done some pretty stupid things.  Did I already say that?  I came back home from my stupidity and needed another chance.  My parents forgave me.  They let me know they loved me.  Were they disappointed?  Of course.  Who would not be disappointed?!  These were my parents and I rebelled against them, I left them, I did stupid things that they did not want me to do, but they could not stop me.  I had to find my own way.  They loved me anyway.  God loves us more than that. 

When we stray as I know all of us do, and we come back, he smiles.  He not only smiles, he dances in his delight that we want to love him, that we admit we need him.  If we could think of God not as “Oh, it’s God.  This person is gonna talk about God.  Let’s leave.”  That used to be me.  It’s not that I didn’t believe.  I was turned off by religion, by talking about Godly things.  It wasn’t cool.  This isn’t about religion.  If we could think about God as our dad or as our favorite parent or as our very best friend or as our inner child, something or someone we hold closest to our heart, maybe we’d finally get it.  We’d get him.  All he wants is for us to love him, the same way that we want to be loved. 

Don’t you love it when someone recognizes you for something you did?  When your child is obedient to you, does this not bring you joy and make you feel loved?  God only wants the same for himself.  Does he not deserve love?  Don’t we want him to be pleased with us?  Don’t we want to make him smile?  He does smile anyway. 

When we sleep (Mr. Warren talks about this) – just as we watch our child sleeps – to see the rise and fall of their chest, to watch them breathing, to see them rest peacefully, to be relaxed – God smiles.  No matter what they did that was wrong this day, they are finally at peace with themselves.  Have you ever watched your babe sleeping and you say to yourself, “Ah, she’s wearin’ those angel wings, now.”  God thinks the same thing about us when he watches us sleep.  You think he doesn’t see you?  He watches and soooo loves to watch you perform/live every detail of your life.  He’s your father.  He made you. 

Call him whatever makes you feel comfortable – however you can relate to him.  He wants you to relate.  I have many names for him.  God, Father, Daddy, the Main Dude Upstairs, the Main Dude, Cool Dude, whatever.  He doesn’t really care about names.  He cares about how you relate to him and love him.  Don’t you have different names for your parents sometimes (I’m not talking about when you are ticked off at them)?  And funny things you call your friends, like one dude I know – I call him “my brotha from anotha motha”.  Silly, yes, but I adore him.  There’s not real importance in names.  They’re just names.  Don’t let the sound of it turn you off.  Relate to the Main Dude any way that you can, that is comfortable for you.  Wherever and whenever you can meet him, he’s there.  He just wants to meet with you. 

Mr. Warren talks about the five acts of worship.  We discussed one – love God completely.  This makes him smile. 

Trust him completely.  This means, when you know you are doing what he wants and you do it without fail, that’s trust.  Don’t question that he has a plan.  He just does.  Another smile. 

When we obey him, he smiles.  When you do that thing you know is the right thing and you do it proudly and wholeheartedly, as Mr. Warren explains, you make God smile. 

When we thank him, no matter how small and insignificant you may think the thing is, when you thank him, he smiles. 

When we use our abilities, our strengths, our gifts – he gave these to everyone – he smiles.  You are good at something.  At the moment, you may have no idea what that is, but it’s there.  You only have not realized it or you refuse to.  Sometimes we hide our gifts.  We don’t want to embrace them, because we might be scared of “whatever.”  God gave you this gift for a reason.  Use it.  Make use of it and smile.  This makes God smile. 

What is your gift?  Are you gifted, mechanically?  Good at math?  A great cook?  Great at cleaning?  Organizing?  Are you funny?  Are you a thinker?  Do you understand something in a way that no one else quite gets?  Are you athletic?  A great dancer?  Beautiful voice?  Are you great at loving?  Generous?  These are all gifts.  The list is endless.  Some of you have many gifts.

Some of you may not have understood the love thing from your parent or parents.  Some of you may have never felt what it is to be loved and cherished as you deserve to be.  You may think you are undeserving.  We all have done things we are not proud of.  We may have all felt unloved or undeserving of love from time-to-time, or maybe even always.  You are loved.  No matter how you feel about yourself and what you think you do or don’t deserve – He does love you.  I promise ya that!  He wants you to know and he wants you to feel it.  Please just try to open your heart, just a tiny bit?  (Nobody else has to know.  This is between you and him.)  All you have to say (inside your head or out loud), please help me to feel your love.  Then, feel it.  Allow yourself to be loved.  We might not deserve to be loved, but he loves us anyway.

And I love you.  Let us go out there today and make it an awesome one!  How can I make God smile at me today?  Hmmmm…


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Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.
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